One Chapel College is a ministry school whose primary objective is to raise up leaders who will respond to the voice of God and change the world for the cause of Jesus Christ. One Chapel College will do this by equipping students with the necessary tools that will help them grow in their relationship with the Lord, and learn how to practically bring change to their workplaces, churches, and communities. We are committed to raising up leaders that will impact and change the spiritual climate of not just the United States, but the World. 


Our Vision

Our mission is to raise up leaders to hear God’s voice, who love His Word, and have a passion for His Spirit. We seek to equip men and women to go into this culture to bring His healing power to this generation. Those who are willing to be equiped will use the old rubble of their past lives to build anew the foundations from out of their stories. They will be known as those who have audacious faith; they will repair the broken walls in people’s lives, point people back to Jesus, and bring the redemptive purpose of God back to the cities.